Open office hours


  • Set aside 2–3 hours per week to talk to people. I usually do this on Fridays, but not always. I try to mix it up when I am traveling or under a deadline.
  • Announce the office hours on twitter, usually 24 hours beforehand. Invite people who respond to my tweet to email me to coordinate timing.
  • Meet people in person, at the studio, a local cafe, or online using Skype or google hangouts
  • Spend approximately 20 minutes discussing anything the person who comes wants to.
  • I usually have 3–6 people per time. Sometimes it’s just one or two, other times there’s a large group.


Every time you take a step forward, you should look behind you, and reach out your hand out to someone.


  • How can I find work?
  • What should I study?
  • How do I get into this field?
  • How do I find a community of likeminded folks in the town I live in?
  • How do I solve this technical problem…
  • I am stuck on a conceptual problem…
  • How do I write this proposal or artist statement?
  • Can you give me feedback on my work or portfolio?
This was an interview for a thesis project




artist / teacher

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