Más Que la Cara overview

Project overview video
Sakowitz interiors
We really liked these huge windows
Bruno Munari — Design as Art

Design process

mask database in pixave, a visual archive tool (we also used pinterest and slack)

Technical details

Paper.js looks
HoG face detection
CLAHE makes everything look like a drawing !
backlighting and side lighting were big issues for us
face data on openframeworks side and in paper.js
on the left, dat.gui running in CEF inside of openFrameworks — on the right, an OF app compiled to emscripten to run in the browser, running in CEF, in OF (inception!)
Live video in the browser with paperjs on top — notice how the paperjs blends nicely with the underlying video


One of our planning sessions in the Garage
(Some screen caps from remote viewing — it was cool login and watch people use it)



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