Daily Sketches in 2016

cloudy blobs


  • use quicktime screen recorder to grab a square recording, usually larger than the 640x640 target resolution.
  • trim the quicktime recording to a good length (usually less then 60 seconds) and save out the file.
  • use ffmpeg to covert the file. I use the following command line:
  • I use airdrop to copy the video over to my phone.
My naming scheme is increadible


  • avoid over-used algorithms like delauny triangulation or reaction diffusion in favor of more experimental things.
  • avoid random (and to a lesser sense, noise) as much as possible in favor of using mathmatical functions like sin() and tan()
  • find sources of inspiration and try to re-code them (for example, I saw this and made this which later led to this)
  • don’t take requests or feedback too seriously, just try to develop my own personal intuition. My response to requests was always, “dj doesn’t take requests”
  • don’t be afraid to repeat myself or tweak a sketch and repost it
  • post the first thing I make that is good enough to share
  • surprise myself


In this animation, parallel rays from the center line rotate around every 6.28 seconds and hit walls above and below
Reflection Studies, Interactive Edition at Prague Signal Festival


  • connect particles with springs (and connect the last particle to the first particle, making a loop)
  • give the particles a repulsion force from each other that is proportional to distance (stronger force when closer) and has a maximum radius for interaction (i.e., if particles are beyond this distance, they don’t have an impact on each other)
The shading is based on the triangle mesh — it looks 3d but it’s not
circle reavels circle below it / blob reveals blobs below it


turning blobs into letters
pushing the number 3 around


Mexico 1968 Design by Lance Wyman, Beatrice Colle,
Jose Luis Ortiz, Jan Stornfeld
icosphere based blob
shading experiments on this blob
sliced blobs
blobs baked like cookies


on the left you can see the circles that bounce off each other and are held by springs. I trace the around circles (alternating each one) to make a solid shape (right)

Circle Fitting

Dubin’s curves
Dubin’s Curve based animations




She stole my hat right before this picture was taken
Drawing costume




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